Farragut Walk to School Day

2017-2018 Walk to School Days

Official Walk to School days for Farragut are the first Wednesday following the first Monday of every month. Meet at 8 am at either Lindberg Park by the Stonehouse or at Veterans Park (corner of Coombs & Barman), and be ready to get rolling by 8:15 am! Of course, we always encourage parents and children to meetup more frequently - once a week, or even every day - but don't miss out on the fun of the monthly school-wide walk to school days! The quick 10-minute walk to school will benefit you, your children, your school and your community. Take the 3 Block Challenge and start making a difference today!

The class with the most walkers wins the Fox Trophy! Help your child's class walk their way to victory!

Dec 6 2017 - 8:00am